A Family Business
Honey Ridge Farms® is based on five generations of beekeeping history; some were hobbyists – others were commercial beekeepers. Our passion is honey and our belief is that honey is nature’s best sweetener. Honey Ridge Farms® was launched in the fall of 2004 under our original name of Honey Creek Farms. Our first artisan honey produced was Wild Blackberry from Washington and Oregon. We now offer additional single floral source artisan honeys from additional regions of the western United States, and other all natural honey-based food products utilizing honey as a main ingredient.

Our Commitment to Quality
Honey Ridge Farms® was built upon offering the highest quality and value in its specialty gourmet honeys from the United States. We are dedicated to sourcing these premium honeys by supporting local, artisanal beekeepers representing several western states. We now offer three varieties of honey from the Pacific Northwest – Wild Blackberry, Star Thistle, and Pumpkin Blossom. Varieties from California include Black Button Sage and Orange Blossom. Honey Ridge Farms® award winning Balsamic Honey Vinegar is a unique addition to our existing product line.

Made entirely out of 100% pure honey, Balsamic Honey Vinegar is similar in taste to traditional balsamic vinegars – sweet but tart. It’s intriguingly complex flavor adds another dimension. It is sulfite-free, offering an alternative to sulfite sensitive consumers. Balsamic Honey Vinegar can be used in place of traditional balsamic vinegars for salads, sauces, marinades, etc.

Our Honey Crèmes includes Apricot, Blackberry, Cinnamon Spice, Cranberry, Raspberry and Clover. This spreadable form of honey, with the addition of fruit or spices stays smooth and creamy.

Our Challenge
Because of our dedication to the apiculture industry and our partnership with local beekeepers, Honey Ridge Farms® donates  a portion of our profits from our Balsamic Honey Vinegar to help fund research to promote bee colony health. Significant problems face the honey bee and beekeepers today. Funding research is extremely important to find a solution to these problems that will affect our food supply if not resolved. One-third of our food source depends on pollination from the honeybee.


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